What are hip/glute bands?

  • Hip/glute bands offer a legitimate bio mechanical challenge primarily of external rotation and abduction at the hip. This challenge offers distinct benefits for posture as well as knee and lower back health since stronger glutes, and hips take pressure out of the knee and lower back. 
  • They help create more shapely, stronger glutes. Simply squatting, lunging and hip thrusting with the band puts you in optimal bio mechanical position, burns more calories, and increases the challenge on the glutes and hip muscles. 
  • Good bands can be used both for home workouts for everyone as well as athletes as part of their routine. 

Why Finney Fitness bands?

  • We believe our bands offer the highest resistance of any workout band this means they are more challenging, producing more adaptation and therefore results/progress than other bands. The harder the band, the more calories you burn, and stronger you become.
  • They have a fabric finish and therefore unlike rubber bands do not roll up, dig in, and snap. Most rubber and some fabric bands tend to be lighter resistance. They often have a large range of motion that can only resist the odd kickback but not challenge the fundamentals; the true exercises that strengthen and build and shape muscle. 
  • We are not a manufacturing company developing products just to make profit. These were designed with physiotherapists, athletes, and personal trainers frustrated with previous market products to produce the most effective band to help people.
  • A competitive level band is nearly double the price.

Blue- light resistance
Pink/Black-high resistance